Junglee Games studio behind JungleeRummy, India’s no.1 online rummy site is looking for individuals to test their new mobile game ‘Eat Me‘. So if you think of anyone you might know, friends, family, ex boyfriends ;)or you are the one Who play mobile games and have played Clash Royale or Slither (Agar) then they need YOU!

Junglee Games would like to invite them to their office (Which is in New Delhi) next week to play the new version of Eat Me for one hour. They’ll ofcourse treat you to lunch or dinner 🙂

So if you are interested or know anyone who may be interested in trying out the new version of Eat Me, please mail at or

Incase you are not in New Delhi and want to try out the new version of EAT ME then you can also download the game from PLAYSTORE or APPSTORE.

Note: Currently EATME.IO new version is available in Europe, Spain, HongKong and India. People from these countries can participate in BETA Test.