A new Indian Indie title ‘SWITCH‘ is going to hit Steam Greenlight very soon. A game developed by THREYE Interactive, studio behind some successful games ‘Guardians of the Sky and Operation Morning Glory‘. Game will be launched for windows and Mac platform as we found 2 platform demo version available from the developers. Switch, is a leisurely paced 2D puzzle platformer backed by an interesting narrative, with the story and gameplay taken ahead via short levels that challenge the player to employ classic platform mechanics with a nimble ‘Switching’ twist, embedded in artistic and visually soothing environments.

We at Hello Gaming, always praised the indie content from Indian Gaming Industry and Switch-the Game is here to take you into a magical world of awesome gameplay, with easy controls to understand with rich user interface. We took a small look into the playable demo of Switch and we found that a player can play this game with the use of keyboard and Game Controller which actually an interesting news for most of the gaming fans who find a controller easy to play a game 😀 .

We have started playing demo version and soon we will available with gameplay review. Till then, Gaming fans out there can  watch SWITCH – Game Trailer, or if you are interested in playing Demo version then you can download it from HERE. Also, if you are interested in following the development blog, Then Follow this LINK.

We are hoping Switch will pass the Steam Greenlight and will be available for purchase very soon.