Csharks Games & Solutions Pvt. Ltd., one among the leading game studios in India, released their new Android game Jungle Jump. The fun game set in African jungles released on Android market on 1st Oct 2014. The Jungle Cafe which used to be an all-monkeys’ cafe has opened its doors to all. Animals were eagerly waiting for the grand opening. When the news hit the forest, they started rushing towards the Jungle Cafe.

The unique Features of the game includes:

• Simple Controls
• Funny Sounds
• Ideal Stress Buster
• Interesting Game Play

From past many months, Cshark is producing some awesome digital contents for consumers and Jungle Jump is a another award in their portfolio.

You may download the game from Google Play

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Jungle Jump_1Jungle Jump_2Jungle Jump_3Jungle Jump_4Jungle Jump_6Jungle Jump_5

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