Csharks Games & Solutions Pvt. Ltd., one among the leading mobile game developers in India, released the Android version of their iOS game Bouncy Squirrel.
The game is a simple straight forward time killer with the easiest of controls, in sync with the trend of simple games started by the successful flappy bird. The name “Bouncy Squirrel” relates to the cute squirrel character who needs to bounce around the platforms to collect all the scattered nuts. This game is aimed to be a simple pick up & play game. The squirrel is trying to collect all the scattered nuts & reach the top with out falling down.
There are 25 levels to this game and targets to achieve in each levels.
Unique Features:
•Accelerometer control
•Unique Art Style
•Social Network Sharing
•G+ Leaderboard

You may download the game from Google Play and from iTunes

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