ImageHello Gaming is back with the 2nd game review. This time we have chosen ‘Total parking’ to review. Game is been developed and published by TeaPOT games. It’s a racing parking genre. Our team liked the game and it‘s very addictive though there were few things which frustrated us. Read to find out more 🙂

When I launched the game, game was in a portrait mode and I saw a Unity logo and got to know that game is developed in unity but on next screen, game shows me the message ‘Change Device Orientation to Landscape’. I changed the device orientation to landscape and it worked. Actually, we got confused over here. When a user launches the game, screens should be auto adjusted into portrait or landscape mode according to playable screen menu as like other games. Rest everything till here was fine. (I hope developer will not kill me for this 😛 ). The goal of this game is to solve the parking puzzle by parking a car in a designated area.  Tutorial is well designed and it’s really helpful for this game. It guided me properly and it’s very easy to learn. Controls are well designed for this game and it’s very easy to learn. For moving your vehicle around, you can use the touch steering. Wait!! You can also use Tilt Steering. Tilt your device left or right to actually move the car in game. Isn’t it cool? We liked it 🙂 You may choose vehicles like Coupe, Limo, and Heavy Truck. Game starts with Coupe and gets difficult and challenging as you progress further. Game has 48 levels and some teeth-breaking achievements which make you feel awesome once you achieve.

Graphics for this game is good enough to compete with other games graphics but you can’t say it’s fantastic. Sometimes, I can see some hard edges on assets. Developers have done good job in-terms of UI. UI looks good in this game and touch flow is managed properly. Game has a social sharing buttons like FB, twitter, Google+ and mail. Here we were little bit disappointed as we expected that game will allow me to share each level score but it is only sharing a download link and also I can’t compete with my friends in this game as I don’t have any option to share my score to leader board 😦

Best feature I liked in Total Parking is music. Sound effects and background score is good though developers has not originally produced it (audio is from – and audio doesn’t have any loop breaking or jerking effect.

Final Words:

Hello Gaming Score: 7 Points out of 10

Game is awesome. It’s a must try game. Totally different from other parking game.


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