ImageCreatioSoft launches Temple Zombie Runner on Android. Temple Zombie Runner is a 3D frantically paced endless running and jumping game. There are weird and spooky hurdles in running way like cliffs, deadly turns on the track, life taking zombies, mummies along temple’s jungle trails and dodging obstacles as you go – every collision brings him a step closer to his doom… and their meal!. The main goal of this fun-to-play game is to help the cute boy to collect all the treasures and exciting powerups like Boost, Coin Doubler, Double Jumper, Tornado, Jumbo Star, Magnet, Multiplier and many more, while getting through dangerous obstacles.


It has not only fascinating game play but also has Jaw-dropping locations, 3D graphics with dynamic background music. Temple Zombie Runner is absolutely free and safe to install. Presently, it supports only Android Smartphones platform but very soon will available on iOS.

CreatioSoft also invites all Runner fans to share their opinions about the game and It is also worth visiting the CreatioSoft Facebook and Twitter pages in order to discuss the games, follow the company’s news and see updates and fresh game releases.


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