Hello Guys! Hello Gaming is back with the first game to review for this blog. We were in doubt while choosing the first game to review. Finally we decided to go with Dotbuster, an arcade action packed game. A game where player has to burst dots by connecting them. For us it was really a stress buster.

The game itself looks very easy but when you start playing it totally opposite. It is a simple game but challenging though. When I launched the game, I found a tutorial which guided me to understand the game. Connecting green dots with each other to gain points is impressive. Connect the dots as soon as they turn yellow otherwise dots will die and you will suffer a energy loss. Player has to collect the stars. Stars are useful to be collected as when you tap on star button, it will clear off the screen with a big bang and energy meter will be fully filled. While connecting the dots, be sure you don’t touch virus or have them in your dots connected area. If you are out of stars then you may purchase it through in-app purchase or get some free stars by sharing on Facebook. All controls are flexible and easy to understand. When you are playing the game and if you want to pause the game, you have to press the back button (OS back button or device physical back button) there is no in-game pause button which I think is little weird. If you have a very good gameplay then these things doesn’t matter much.

The game has a very simple graphics but very impressive. All colours used in game, actually matches with each other. Colour sense gives the proper look and feel for this game.

The game is packed with 17 achievements like FireCracker, DotGodman, WorldEnder to name a few. Complete a task and unlock an achievement. Isn’t it nice? J You can share your score via Google leader boards. Also you can post it on Facebook too but twitter tweeting functionality is not available in this game.

Music is nice for this game. It actually matches the gameplay flow. No jerking sound, weird sound or any other sound which will irritate the user.


Hello Gaming Score: 8 Points out of 10

Overall, it’s a very good concept and PlayWrite studio has nicely executed it except for few basic things.  Overall this app is very impressive and it’s really a STRESS BUSTER!! J We really liked the game and the concept behind it. We make games not just to earn money but for full family entertainment and Dotbuster has proven this concept.


You may download the game from Google Play. It is available for all major android devices.

Come back soon for more updates about games, pro tips and more 🙂